25 June 2007

Off I Go

Goodbye Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It has been fun getting to know you since September, though I didn't enjoy spending so much time with you here. And my dear friend Bobst Library, I will miss your collections, but not your once suicide-inspiring and now suicide-proof architecture.

I'm packing and heading off to Moscow, with everything I need for the year in five pieces of luggage and two boxes of books and research papers.

Now I know that some of you get a little
worried thinking about me in Moscow with the rising violence and repressive atmosphere, and others of you just look forward to hearing and reading funny stories of my time in Moscow. This blog was built to suit both your needs, hopefully letting you know I'm still alive and what I'm up to--what I'm finding in Moscow, what I'm reading, what I'm listening to, and so on.

For the first entry, I'll explain the title of the blog. There are two allusions embedded in it. The first is to
Prafulla Mohanti's book Through Brown Eyes, about the UK. The second allusion is to Langston Hughes'--one of the subjects of my dissertation--comment that he saw Soviet Central Asia differently than Arthur Koestler, his traveling companion, because he saw it through his experiences of Jim Crow.

Anyway, now I need to get down to finishing my packing...

p.s. You know how some historians become obsessed with tracking down


Sean Guillory said...

Good luck with the research. Langston Hughes and Russia. Good topic. If you looking for others doing research in Moscow check out Bilingua on Friday nights. Look for a table with a bunch of Americans, Germans, etc. Or ask for Vika the waitress that takes care of the table. Tell Martin that Sean sent you.