29 July 2007

Morning Walk, Graffiti Dialogue

Woke up shockingly early at 5.30AM, so I decided to go for a morning walk to see what the neighborhood looks like when it's empty. Figured you all might be curious.

My stairwell

Silhouette Self-Portrait at the Corner Kiosk

Two doors down


Main Road (Timiriazevskii)

Theatre of the Golden Ring (50m from my apartment)

Apartment Buildings Around the Corner

Another one, a little further away

One more, about 500m from home

It wouldn't be a neighborhood park without a monument

Or an exhibit of some local officials,

Including Igor Fedorovich Moiseev, General Director of the PKP NPO...

Hey, I know a garage in Cranston, RI where this car would still pass inspection!

Now for an imagined exchange:

(I was here.)

(Please pronounce with proper Russian accent to understand.)


tamasha said...

Those last four are hilarious.

McFry said...

Re: the dubious car inspection

FYI, it just passed again... to boot, it's the one where all the local cops get their vehicles maintained, a.k.a. the most corrupt place in town!