14 July 2007

Punk, Isla Vista Mutts, Gandhi and the Sunset

Some of us were worried. Kent McClard had promised that punk would never die because he held the rock (you know, the punk rock), but nowadays with HeartattaCk out of commission and Kent focused on cat vs. owl battles, it was hard to tell. But the news is in from Moscow:

Other local graffiti makes even less sense.

(A prize to whoever deciphers this one for me.)

I went to the Library of Foreign Literatures today to read a book I’ve been meaning to get to for my dissertation (Ted Hopf, Social Construction of International Politics). On the way there, I ran into the ubiquitous urban feral dog, or what in my youth we called the I.V. mutt, a endlessly mixed-breed product of canine free love.

Gandhi also said hello from a bizarre, crowded courtyard of dead foreign writers.

This sight reminded me of a nice quote from an anti-racist activist in Voronezh: “I think it is nonsense to call for fascist politics in a country where for 70 years internationalism was glorified.” (Reported in Moscow Times, March 31, 2004)



Now, in the tradition of Ms. Magazine’s “No Comment” page, I bring you, “American Men, Russian Women, and Antifeminism,” a sampling of blogs:

Russian Women—The Real Truth

Russian Women4Western Men

And most offensively, Siberia Rocks!

(No comment.)


With this beautiful Moscow summer, I can almost imagine living here forever.

Sunset from my apartment window


p.s. Oaxaca newsletter, forwarded from a friend. (Spanish readers only, though other useful information on the site in English.)


lizzie said...

I'd like to see a picture of the Library of Foreign Literatures. What's their collection like?

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

Hey lazybones, here you go:

However, these photos don't show all the statues in the courtyard. Maybe, contra my claim of them as evidence of Soviet internationalism, they are of a more recent vintage than I imagined.

Just imagine in Dickens, Machiavelli, Abraham Lincoln and some others.