15 August 2007

A Birthday for India, A Funeral for Non-Alignment

The New York Times reports on India's new critical approach to teaching its history and place in the world. At first blush, the piece struck me as the usual fluff piece to note the sixtieth anniversary of India's independence, wrapped in the peculiar logic of development and statism. Par for the course, but the aside on the irrelevance of non-alignment and then the complete mischaracterization of the promise (if not the reality) of NAM at the end (in a purported defense of the idea--"fence-sitting isn't bad!") was a little saddening. Of course, all this in the midst of the current US-India "deal." What a way to celebrate 60 years of freedom...

Personally, I'm going to drink a Baltika and go watch a movie about an alcoholic, bisexual, bohemian Russian poet of the 1910s and 1920s. Because that's how I celebrate state birthdays.

Postscript: the movie wasn't that good. And I feel obligated to link to the news that's all over the news since it relates to my blog fairly directly. I have nothing to add to what's already out there.


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