06 August 2007

What Modernist Architecture is Good For

Moscow is littered with dominating monuments and odd little sculptures. At your Metro station, you may find a tribute to human-canine friendship.

Or a mosaic celebrating peace and friendship.

And all the crumbling huge buildings make it a perfect environment for


tom said...

i want to see some videos of you doing le parkour

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

Tom, I'll get on that. You know what they say: you haven't lived until you've had a bone re-set in Moscow.

By the way, the song in the first video is: Лигалайз - Почувствуй силу. In case anyone wanted to know.

lizzyb said...

I like that song. Let me see if I can transcribe its title:
Leegalaeyeh-Pochoovstvooey seeloo.
Translation? In case anyone wants to know?