12 August 2007

Sergei Borisov Kicks Out the Old

I often admire photography but I am rarely moved by it. Today was an exception to that rule.

Sergei Borisov's People and Time exhibit at the Manezh really blew me away. Usually I would feel manipulated by the juxtapositions of Stalinist architecture in decay and young dissidents, with the ever-present officialdom in the background. But Borisov does it perfectly. Plus, the collection of subjects--from a late 1980s Motley Crue concert to a nude Eduard Limonov to Victor Tsoi--and of places--from Brighton Beach to Moscow to Israel to Cairo--pull together so much of the past three decades of Russian life.

If you're in Moscow, you've got until 31 August to catch the show.

Three pieces of news:

1. Providence Wobblies attacked by police; one in hospital. (projo)

2. Moe Fishman, Lincoln Brigade Vet, dies. ("It was so much easier to say when we called it imperialism.”)

3. Gandhi brings the Kuciniches together.

And if you're still looking for that perfect 2008 birthday present for me: here you go. It's never too early, right?


elwood el encanto said...

Nice photo exhibit. awful attack on alex. really awful picture seeing her like that.