18 October 2007

Satender Singh Case Continued

I know of two Aleksandr Shevchenko’s.

One was an early twentieth-century painter, most well-known for writing Neo-primitivizm. His work is above. You can also see more like it on the fourth floor of the New Tretiakov Gallery. I highly recommend it.

The other is currently on trial related to the alleged hate crime committed against Satender Singh this summer. His mug is above. On Wednesday, Shevchenko appeared in court for preliminary hearings. The Sacramento Bee writes:

[the] young Sacramento man charged in the hate-crime killing of Satender Singh last summer found himself seated squarely among rows of the Fijian man's supporters and community groups who want to see that justice is served. Aleksandr Shevchenko, 21, examined his fingernails, kept his hands folded in his lap and politely deflected questions in those moments before he was called by Sacramento Superior Court Judge David De Alba and allowed to stand by his attorney, David Henderson... Shevchenko remained free on $25,000 bail as authorities continued their global search for fugitive Andrey Vusik, who allegedly threw the fatal punch that July evening at Lake Natoma.

I also recommend seeing this Shevchenko, in court, while you’re wearing a “Remember Satender” pin. And let's do our best to make sure we see Shevchenko's alleged accomplice, Andrei Vusik, there too.