05 November 2007

Russian March Round-Up

I woke up this morning all poised to sift through the news accounts of the nationalist marches across the city and write up a review to follow Saturday's warning post. But it looks like Sean's Russia Blog totally beat me to the punch. (Damn time differences and news cycles.) Go over there and read all about it, including news of Texas white supremacist Preston Wiginton addressing a crowd of local yahoos.

Thus far, I've only seen one report of possibly ethnically-motivated violence: 12 men were detained in Petersburg trying to break into a Chinese restaurant. (Then again, maybe they were just hungry?)

I'll update as the news filters in and I sift through it.
Update #1: (a) Accidental Russophile augments Sean's coverage with some information and analysis from Spiegel Online; (b) according to SOVA, their representatives witnessed no violence and have thus far received no reports of violence, due to the massive police presence at all events; (c) instead of carefully sifting through all the reports of National Unity Day, I actually went over to a friend's house and had the best Georgian food of my life. You readers may suffer from my neglect, but I have no regrets and belly full of spicy minced liver and wine.