12 December 2007

From Nandigram to Plated Stilton

To continue my streak of lazy-blogging, today, I’m just going to introduce folks to five blogs that I read, through some of their recent posts. Sorry, more substantive MTBE writing (e.g., posts that I’ve been working on about A. Balabanov’s post-imperial hangover, the well-advertised novinka of the past six months, Gastarbaiter and “the world through the eyes of DPNI newsfeed”) is on the backburner for the next month, as I wrap up some odds and ends.

1. Intercontinental Cry, a site dedicated to chronicling indigenous struggles world-wide, recently posted on major overlooked struggles of the past November. It’s a good introduction to the site’s global outlook on issues.

2. Anti-History/In Another Life, with its usual blend of personal, political and historical story-telling, reflects on the violence in Nandigram (West Bengal).

3. Window on Eurasia has had a number of interesting posts of late on ethnic and religious politics and politicking in Russia. See, for instance, a piece on the prospects of teaching tolerance in Russian schools and a write-up of the role of non-ethnic-Russian republics in last week’s elections.

4. With rather more guilt, I read Ideas in Food to look at recipes for dishes that I will never put together, due to lack of time, ingredients and patience. The food—like the compressed Stilton, served with an Asian pear apple, toasted bee pollen and reduced vinegar, pictured above—is pretty to look at, even if one can’t help but think of fiddlers and a burning empire.

5. Last and least, McFry has recently brought Sam McPheeters’ new blog Loom of Ruin to my attention. A lot of it is just his on-going doodling, but with Sam you’re sure to get a gem now and then if you can wait/wade through the bullshit. Like his review of Van Halen at the Staples Center.


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