08 December 2007

A Quick Glance at the Navel

So that's the last 100 people to read this blog, as mapped by SiteMeter.

What were some of them looking for when they found MTBE?

Inquilab news paper August 15 2007
Timbaland Russian Song
Loom of Ruin
Sharon Rudahl
Meaning of “stay in the black”
Play about Russian Exiles
Satender Singh
Purnima Dillons
William L. Patterson
Say Happy Holidays in Russian
Russian Beyonce
Chinese in Siberia
Limonov Exile Putin Mediocrity

Although I like it better when people ask Google questions that lead to me:

Are Russians Really Racist?
Is there Indian Food in Moscow?

Or the implied plea of :
Cumin Moscow

All in all, no really bizarre searches, so I must be staying on point. And if I needed more of a self-esteem boost:

cash advance

p.s. Sorry I'm busy with real work and getting ready for vacation, so I'll be a little less active for the next bit.


Desi Italiana said...

Hello Buster,

Totally random, but I came across book that might interest you:

"Overkill: Sex and Violence in Contemporary Russian Popular Culture," but Eliot Borenstein.

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...


Thanks for the recommendation! That book looks both interesting and fun and right up my alley with the attention to pop culture/garbage lit. I will have to look for it on the cheap when I'm back in CA for vacation, or maybe some public library might carry it. If not, it's on my growing list of books to read when I'm back within reach of a university library.


Anonymous said...

Cool. That little white dot in eastern Canada HAS to be me! Really like your blog, which I came across only recently.


Desi Italiana said...


If you are around the Bay Area for vacation, then drop me a line-- perhaps we could have coffee!