19 January 2008

China TV to Hit Russian Airwaves

On 8 February, one day into the Year of the Rat, China TV will come to Moscow and shortly thereafter spread across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). According to Chinese Ambassador to Russia Liu Guchang, the station is intended to acquaint residents of Russia with the history, culture and life of China and is an example of Russia’s current “China fever.” Round-the-clock programming will include talk shows on the history of Sino-Russian relations, Chinese movies and serials, and Chinese language instruction. It will also host coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games. Sergei Sanakoev of the Center for Russian-Chinese Trade and Economic Cooperation stated that the station’s public council will be headed by Vice Premier Aleksandr Zhukov.

As of yet, I have been unable to find out much about the funding of the channel, but I’m sure that more news coverage will be forthcoming.

Needless to say, I am both curious and excited to see what turns up on the tube next month and will try to decipher what this means for Russian-Chinese relations and how China is perceived by the public. Will it alleviate or encourage the peculiar Sinophobia that generates maps like the one below?

Translation: Chinese Zone, European Zone