23 February 2008

Соси мою сиську, сексист поганый.

Okay, maybe I waste a little too much time paging through news and blogs when I should be writing that dissertation lurking in another window of my computer. But instead of recognizing it as procrastination, I chalk it up to language practice.*

The snippet below (from the Russian Indymedia) is for the Russian readers around these parts. I can't explain why I derive pleasure from this sophomoric "exchange." But I totally do.

Магид, не морочь нам голову 22 фев 2008
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"Феминизм есть борьба за создание специфических женских пространств, свободных от мужчин и постоянно расширяющихся"

Грубо говоря, это бред. Говоря более спокойно, это очень узкое определение феминизма, точнее даже не феминизма, а лишь одной его части.

"Не случайно такие крупные революционные деятели, как Эмма Гольдман и Роза Люксембург относились к феминизму критически".

Эмма Гольдман - не феминистка? Вешайте лапшу на уши кому-нибудь другому.

Re: Против феминизма 22 фев 2008
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феминистки сосать

Re: Re: Против феминизма 22 фев 2008
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а что сосать-то? соси мою сиську, сексист поганый)))

*This excuse is remarkably productive and covers everthing from reading trashy magazines to watching horrible television.


kg said...

Oh my sweet lord Jesus. Isn't amazing how quickly arguments sometimes disintegrate into exchanges of mildly amusing invective?
Also, I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new, but it's soooo depressing what passes for "feminism" in this country... My own mother was telling me recently that feminists are fat ugly women whose personal life didn't work out and who want to take revenge on others by fucking up their children. Lovely, huh?

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

Here's a question: What's more depressing--what passes for feminism or what passes for arguments against feminism?

I've got my answer, and I'll give you a hint: your mother's theory figures into it. (Shockingly, she's not the only person I know of to espouse this view. "Why are Americans ruled by feminists?" you may wonder. "Because their women are all ugly.")

Also, I think part of what I like about the rejoinder of this post's title is the alliteration. All those sibilants...