12 February 2008

The Dangers of Voting Based on YouTube

Last week I cast my vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary, despite one friend’s calling my decision to participate in the Democratic Party “quirky.”

Tomorrow, along with the results of Virginia, Maryland and DC, I think the DA primary results should come in. I won’t explicitly say for whom I voted, but let’s just imagine that I watched the following three videos, considered the candidates (McCain was necessary for proper triangulation) and voted accordingly.

Clinton Misses Youth Culture

Photogenic People for Obama

Did McCain Not See This Coming?

Okay now that I've shared that I'll admit that my reasoning had more to do with what Tom Hayden says here and what Scott Kurashige says here.

Out of curiosity: If you're American and abroad, somewhat disconnected from American political culture in non-internet forms, how are you making your decisions?