10 February 2008

Rhode Island’s First Lady on Bhutto and Terrorist Youth

In a testament to the adage about a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing, the wife of Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri took her scant comprehension of Providence political movements and her limited sense of world affairs, glued them together with some faint racist notions and then publicly compared local Asian American youth who criticized her husband to terrorists. Members of the Providence Youth Student Movement labeled as “racist” the governor’s decision to cut funding for Southeast Asian-language translators in the state’s Department of Human Services, possibly in breach of a 1997 legal settlement which promised improved interpreter services. To the students' assertion, Sue Carcieri told a reporter:

First of all, I think they have mentors who are much older than them who are training them up. You know—how those terrorists have kids blow up, you know, Benazir Bhutto and so forth? You think the kids thought of it? I don't think so.
Ah, the swarthy young hordes and evil puppet-masters. An international epidemic from Pakistan to Providence. You can read this comment and a few other gems from Ms. Carcieri backing up her husband's racist decisions here.

Lil' Rhody, to think I once called you home.


Completely unrelated, this little character below may be the best thing I’ve acquired since landing here in July. Big thanks to my friend 10K (so known for her enormous raises when we play poker) who bought it for me after I ogled her similar S&P shakers last week.


McFly said...

Maybe Sue Carcieri is onto something and Asian-American students really are terrorists... since you're terrorizing our hearts w/ *monkey envy.* That lil monkey is CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've found the proverbial brass monkey. Very cute indeed!

kg said...

I totally have one just like it in my kitchen, left over from the olden days! I guess the friend that told me they were ubiquitous really wasn't lying!

dr. dre said...

my god, we had one exactly like that when I was growing up! can I have it?

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

Blog lesson of the day: post more pictures of cute animals and kitchen accessories to generate comments. Coming up soon: Krokodil Gen' making margaritas with my new blender.

Dre, we'll see. I already promised lizzie b that *that* monkey will be moving to Brooklyn. But there are other primates in the sea.