05 February 2008

The World Through the Eyes of DPNI

One way of keeping tabs on Russian extremist nationalism is following the DPNI (Movement Against Illegal Immigration) newswire. It may be a little unhealthy, but every morning as I scan through the news, I take a minute to see what the crazies are reading about.

If your only source for news were the DPNI newswire, this is what the world looked like from Sunday 2 February until early morning Tuesday 4 February 2008:

1. На юго-востоке Москвы кавказцы убили гражданина Турции
2. Мнимое поражение русского национализма
3. Профсоюзы займутся трудоустройством мигрантов
4. Сербы выбрали президента, который выступает за вступление страны в ЕС
5. Об "уличном терроре"
6. Крестовый поход Александра Сысоева
7. Цена резиденства. Русским грозит вымирание
8. ВЦИОМ: 51% россиян считает, что необходимо максимально ограничить въезд в Россию граждан из ...
9. Члены левацких группировок устроили массовые беспорядки в Афинах
10. Геноцид геноциду рознь
11. В Волгограде задержан грузин, подозреваемый в убийстве работника азербайджанского ресторана
12. На севере столицы кавказец ограбил мужчину
13. В столице задержали трех граждан Таджикистана, подозреваемых в вымогательстве
14. В Костроме за мошенничество и лжецелительство осуждена уроженка Азербайджана
15. Британским госслужащим запретили называть исламистов исламистами
16. В Нижнем Новгороде начался суд над уроженцем Азербайджана, обвиняемым в убийстве
17. Марш Титанов: История Белой расы
18. Тигры освобождения Тамил Илама. Победа или смерть
19. 2 февраля - годовщина окончания Сталинградской битвы
20. ДПНИ провело в Туле акцию в поддержку Томислава Николича
21. В Подмосковье в автобусе из Азербайджана нашли 100 килограммов гашиша
22. От покушения на губернатора - к исламизации страны
23. На юге Москвы пойман угонщик из Таджикистана

1. Caucasians Murder Turkish Citizen in Moscow’s Southwest
2. The Imaginary Defeat of Russian Nationalism
3. Trade Unions Adopt Migrant Labor
4. Serbs Elect President Who Favors EU Entry
5. On Educational Terror
6. The Crusade of Aleksandr Sysoev
7. The Price of Resident Aliens: Russians Threatened with Extinction
8. All-Russian Poll: Fifty-One Percent of Russians Consider it Necessary to Maximally Limit the Entry into Russia of Citizens from…
9. Members of Leftist Groups Started Riots in Athens
10. There are all kinds of Genocides
11. Georgian Arrested in Volgograd. Suspected in Murder of Worker at Azerbaijani Restaurant
12. Caucasian Robs Man in North of the Capital
13. Three Tadjiks Detained in Capital. Suspected in Extortion.
14. Azeribaijan Native Convicted of Fraud and Perjury in Kostroma.
15. British Civil Servants Forbidden to Call Islamists Islamists.
16. In Nizhnii-Novgorod, Murder Trial of Azerbaijani Native Starts.
17. March of the Titans: The History of the White Race
18. Tamil Tigers: Victory or Death
19. February 2: Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad
20. DPNI Undertakes Action in Tula in Support of Tomislav Nikolich
21. In Moscow Suburbs 100 Kilograms of Hashish Found on Bus from Azerbaijan
22. From Assassination Attempt on Governor to the Islamification of the Country
23. Tadjik Car-Jacker Caught in Southern Moscow

At first, I thought about undertaking some news analysis, but upon scanning the list above, I realized that it would really be redundant. One thing about this paranoiac worldview is that it is uncomplicated and easily gleaned from the headlines: foreign criminals (1, 7, 11-14, 16, 21-23), trouble-making lefties and traitorous unions (3, 9), the threat of Islam (15, 22), endangered Slavs (4, 7, 8, 19, 20, 22), heroic Russian/white race history (6, 17, 19), the stupidity of multiculturalism and the dangers of the State (2, 5, 10, 15) and, most curiously, the shining example of the Tamil Tigers as nationalist trailblazers (18).

Another thing about this kind of craziness is that it really isn’t worth dissecting, analyzing, arguing with, or linking. But it’s also a little dangerous to ignore it.

p.s. If you really want to know more about DPNI, you can read the wikipedia entry or an interesting, dated piece from Sean's Russia Blog.


Sean Guillory said...

You have far more stamina than I do. I have the DPNI on my Rss but can't keep up.

About a year ago DPNI was all over the press, but I haven't seen much on them as of late. I expected them to be more active around the elections. Perhaps Belov is keeping his brownshirts in check until after the big political boys are done playing.

Anonymous said...

Well to be hones I don't Russian mainstream news would have been any less *crazy*.

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

PP, I think the mainstream press isn't exactly DPNI-style nuts. SG, Stamina or stomach? Many of my friends think I'm a little "off" for my desire to keep up with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Your blog is necessary.

Please link up if you wish.