24 April 2008

The Kitty-Smack Connection: More Photo Reportage

Moscow graffiti continues to fascinate me, though (or is that because?) I still can't make heads or tails out of half of it.

First, there’s the bizarre confession of feline trafficking and drug addiction, either addressed to or signed by “Lollipop.” In English, no less. Then, to the right, the masked bandit with a Yankees insignia and Public Enemy crosshairs painted onto his cap and bandanna, respectively. (Were they put there by the original artist or added later by someone else?) Lastly, an unclear expression of love, augmented by a “very (much)” (очень) in different paint.

Sometimes the interpretative problems I encounter on my walks seem far greater than those I face in the archives.


Jeff said...

Jeez. I can't imagine that the cat fetched very much...

Lyndon said...

You know, I found Moscow graffiti so fascinating that I had a blog about it for a time (apologies if you've seen it already). And just last week, in a fit of finals procrastination, I uploaded literally hundreds of Moscow graffiti photos to my flickr account. The account also has a set of SPB graffiti and one from Riga.

Do not let MTBE die. Or actually, it's your time, do with it what you will. But your longer posts are almost always interesting, even the more academic ones that go over my head.

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...


I did know about the moscow graffiti blog. And I thank you for the flickr link! That will be excellent fodder for later procrastination. For now, I don't have much time, hence the hiatus.

And thanks for the compliment. Maybe this summer, after I wrap up Moscow research and last-minute travel, I will get back to some of those longer posts...

Anonymous said...


Your reference to the 1957 World Youth Festival draws my attention. I'm about to set off on my yearlong dissertation quest, mine on the Festival and its political-social-cultural evolutions, 1951-1973. I'd like you to email me, cuz I have a few questions. Some on life in Moscow, but most importantly, on whether you have any suggestions concerning what i should read in order to see the Festival through Russian (brown or blue) eyes.
Drop me a line: nicholas.rutter@yale.edu.

Great stuff, by the way.