06 April 2008

Paint, Monkeys and Blogs: A Back to Russia Hodgepodge

For a blog that's supposedly about me in Russia, I haven't really been talking much about life in country. So today's MTBE post is an all-Russia medley. Enjoy.


Spring is here. The snow has melted, the trees are budding and the aroma of freshly slathered paint fills my neighborhood.

They paint the curb, the fences and the benches with abandon. The garbage dumpsters haven’t been emptied recently, but that doesn’t stop the crews from swarming in and sliming them bright green. The wall is coated with a year’s worth of dirt, but it looks clean again with a nice, thick coat of fire-engine red.


Since it has warmed up, I venture out to the markets a little more. Here’s what for:


Russia blogs this week:

1. Lyndon at Scraps of Moscow has a great even-handed response to the media’s Russophile-Russophobe scrapping. Sean’s Russia Blog’s linking of Michael Idov at the New Republic generates more such scrapping in the comments. It’s a worthy read and a great introduction to community of commenters that habitate SRB.

2. Window on Eurasia has, as usual, put up a couple of interesting posts this week. One drops the “fascism” bomb—quoting a recent interview with liberal Novaya gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov that asks if the combination of anti-immigrant violence and threats to journalists critical of the Kremlin are part of a “mass fascist terror.” Muratov especially disparages the FSB for failing to investigate and prosecute such crimes. Another post explores the causes and ramifications of Europe’s largest city being populated by one to three million undocumented workers and why this situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

And now I know that chanterelles (which always makes me think of a Motown girl group ca. 1962) are "lisichki" in Russian. They're delicious, though I wouldn't necessarily go mushrooming with no more guidance than that page of drawings; every year a few people in Northern California go foraging in the woods, innocently bring home a basket of Amanita Phalloïdes, and show up at the ER next day with their livers in an advanced and irreversible state of liquefaction.

You probably can't go wrong with Armenia's version of Napoleon brandy, though.

kg said...

Today I learned the hard way what effort it requires to wash off that lovely fresh paint they put on everything off of your clothes should you be stupid enough to get it on yourself...

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

kg, I'm sorry to hear of your painterly troubles.

rootless, That's no guide to mushroom-hunting, but a children's game played with marbles!