08 May 2008

More Moscow in the Spring Photo Reportage

Favorite grave at Novodevichy:

[Aleksandr Lukich Ptushko, Director, 1900-1973]

Another artistic rendering of Calabria found in Moscow:

[Renato Guttuso, A Calabrian Worker's Roman Sunday (Rocco with a Gramophone)]

For the previous representation of Calabria found in Moscow see here.

Coming soon: Petersburg and Kiev highlights, the tale of Pushkin's mummy, and maybe more Novodevichy graves.


Jeff said...

Whadda great tombstone! And, of course, I somehow managed to miss it when we were at Novodevichy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize Ptushko's name so I looked him up on IMDb. Behold! He directed Kamennyy Tsvetok,


released in the US as "Stone Flower"--not the Prokofiev ballet but a fairytale that my Ukraine-born Red grandma took me to see when I was about 5, at a Manhattan theater called the Stanley that showed Soviet films. I have only the vaguest memories of it; it was in color (Sovcolor no doubt, an odd process that made everything look slightly purplish) and I dimly recall a scene in a cave. I've hunted for it--not very energetically--for a while; unfortunately many Soviet films from the end of the war to the Khrushchev "thaw" seem to have disappeared. But that sculpture is very appropriate--apparently most of his films were on legends and fairytales, "Tsar Saltan" etc.

We do turn out to have the damndest connections. You really should come visit when you get back to the US.

kg said...

Rootless Cosmo,
Kamennyi Tsvetok can be downloaded here:
If you can't get it in the States, I could write it to a DVD and send to the States your way when the chance arises.

Anonymous said...

kg: many thanks. I'm fairly clueless about bittorrent but I think I know someone who can help me out. What a terrific resource that site is! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

kg: that DVD offer is very tempting. I'm at
john [dot] burke [at] mindspring [dot] com

if you'd like to continue off-site. Thanks again.

Nina said...

I tried to find Kamennyy Tsvetok (1946)so long....and I got it thanks to you....Thank you for this site...Amazing....