25 May 2008

Ten Sites in Moscow: Haiku Review

In addition to dropping people off at all the sites I've seen several times already, I've managed to visit a number of places I probably wouldn't otherwise have made it to in the past couple of weeks while I've had visitors. Instead of boring reviews, this special edition of MTBE brings you ten random spots, reviewed in haiku.

Gorki Leninskie
Three German tourists
joined my friends and me to learn
how great Lenin was.

Pushkin Museum of Art
Glad it wasn’t me
who once asked the manager:
where’s Pushkin’s mummy?

Chekhov Museum-House
Sure it’s a nice house
but I couldn’t help wonder
if it was worth it.

Tolstoy Museum-House

Friendly granny-guard
explained Tolstoy’s love for waltz
and then she pressed play.

Gorky House

Staircase and stained glass
were pretty dope though I wish
we spent more time there.

Palace of the Romanov Boyars

A small pack of dogs
outside scurried past my friend
to meet a new tramp.

Tiflis Resaurant
While prices were high,
dear god, do I ever love
that melon ice cream!

Theremin Concert: Time Travelling (Moscow Conservatory)
Theremin music
is much, much better than a
"laptop orchestra."

Moscow Circus— "Around the World in 130 Minutes" Show
Flaming batons twirl
at the paw-tips of trained cats
and then it’s downhill.

Igor Moiseev Folk Dance Ballet
For Igor world dance
Included two categories:
Like Russia and not.

Coming soon: Buster's parents meet Moscow!


T said...

i'm intrigued by gorky house. will your next haiku have addresses?

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

6/2 ulitsa
Malaya Nikitskaya--
I'm sure you'll find it.

Anonymous said...

Quite remarkable--
a tour and a point of view
in only three lines!

kg said...

I dunno - even if it all goes downhill after cats juggling fire, that's a pretty damn high spot to start at!
I think your opinion on the theramin sums up the common sentiments of all present. :)

lena said...

most amazingest
blog post ever. more haikus,
please. - - - -.

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

You all are too kind to this gawd-awful poetry exercise I gave myself. Maybe next time I'll do sonnets. Or requests?

Yasnaya Polyana reviewed in verse?

The Kirov Ballet in limerick?

Just let me know what you need.

Anonymous said...

I'll start:

There was a young man named Nureyev...