14 May 2008

Ukrainians on Holiday: More Photo Reportage from Victory Day Weekend

Spending Victory Day weekend in Kiev allowed me to join all the other Ukrainians on holiday, visiting the randoms parks and the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo. Wanna know what that looks like?


Anonymous said...

T. D. Lysenko and white power--it's like a carnival of toxic pseudoscience, isn't it?

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...

That would be weird, but it's a different Lysenko--Mikola (AKA Nikolai in Russian) Lysenko, a composer of the late imperial period. You can read about him a little at:


Anonymous said...

Ah--I couldn't read the given name and patronymic and just assumed it was the bogus botanist. What do you suppose "Deserved Symphony Orchestra" means?

And did my Ptushko-"Stone Flower" comment get lost? If you ever come across a video of that movie (not the Prokofiev ballet, the 1940's Ptushko film) let me know what they're asking--I'd be interested in seeing it again after, hmm, 60 years.

BusterPh.D.Candidate said...


Sorry for not responding to your previous comment re: Stone Flower. I've been up to my eyeballs of late. I am planning a final run to pick up movies and whatnot soon and will keep an eye out for it. The cost won't exceed 200 rubles (~9 dollars) and most likely will be closer to half that.

But don't get too excited, generally speaking, older Soviet classics are not in high demand and, as such, aren't piled up the way bad action movies are.

kg said...

Man, those aborigines at the Folk Museum. How different their ways are from ours :)

Anonymous said...

"A final run"? Sounds as though you're headed back to the US. Is a Bay Area visit in your future?