22 October 2008

ASA Conference in Albuquerque: Day Four

Sunday 19 October

8AM: A panel re-examines radicalism and the Cold War. A presentation on American women in the Soviet Union, a classic piece of comparative literature looking at two women’s novels—one African American, the other Soviet—from the 1950s, a funny and smart interpretation of the queer narratives of how anti-communists “came out” in their memoirs, and an analysis of anticolonial politics in the left press looking at Political Affairs, The Crisis and Freedom. Again I feel compelled to get my act together to enter the fray.

10AM: Breakfast at Gold Street Caffe redux. Wonderful eggs benedict on green chili brioche with herb roasted potatoes.

11.30AM: Pick up luggage from the hostel and catch shuttle to airport. The airport scene is, to me, hilariously un-New Yorkish.

Think about having lived away from the West for too long. Board first-class courtesy of lizzie b’s accumulated frequent flier miles and the fact that first-class cost the same miles as economy for these flights. My heart feels guilty, but my legs and back feel nothing at all, for once. Especially after the attendant delivers my drink while we’re still on the tarmac.