20 October 2008

ASA Conference in Albuquerque: Day One

Thursday 16 October

6AM: Leave Brooklyn and fly to New Mexico. Finish reading second volume of Jason Lutes’ Berlin on the way.

2PM: Arrive in Albuquerque. While lizzie b checks us into a dodgy cheap motel, I head directly to the conference, register and stop at a panel, “Where is America in American Studies?” I usually avoid this kind of disciplinary narcissism, but I know someone on the panel. My work gets a teeny shout-out in his talk.

4PM: Have a drink with a friend and then walk over to a bookstore I saw on shuttle ride into town. Buy a book of Robert Creeley poetry, a community cookbook from Lake Havasu City that chronicles the first six years of culinary culture after the town’s founding and a World War Two-era cookbook from a San Francisco restaurateur. Each for under five bucks.

6PM: Dinner with lizzie b at Garcia’s Café. Supposedly New Mexican cuisine. Decidedly bland. The walk from the hotel to Garcia’s:

8PM: Back at the Downtown Inn. Freak out when I notice exactly how sketchy the door is. lizzie b locates new lodgings for the next day.

2AM: Dudes pound on door. Presumably to sell us drugs. I grab the iron (which I got from the hotel office to press my shirts) and gear up my defense. Don’t fall asleep again until 4AM. Wake up at 7AM to start a new day of conferencing…