29 October 2008

Dirty Tricks and Remedies: On Voter Suppression in America

From Pass the Roti on the Left Hand Side:

I registered to vote in Pennsylvania a few months back through the obama website and hadnt heard anything from the voter registration people. Yesterday, I called them and they said they had an Annamma Mathew at the Phila address but someone had CANCELLED my voter registration. When I asked “who?” she said she didnt know. When I asked “when?”, she said “In 1905!!!!!”.

I said, “so someone named Annamma Mathew lived at my same address in 1905 and unregistered me for the 2008 election?”. She said that what it looked like and she would have a supervisor call me back.

Not to state the obvious but….
I am not a 120 years old.
My neighborhood was built in 1952.

Women didnt have the right to vote untill 1919.
I know South Asians have been in the US since the English colonizers, BUT an ANNAMMA MATHEW that migrated to the U.S. in 1905. Come on…..

What is also obvious is….
the neighborhood I live in is predominately black and immigrant, its low income and it is voting for Obama.

From the NYT:
...there is an unmistakable sense of anxiety among blacks here that something will go wrong, that victory will slip away.

“They’re going to throw out votes,” said Larone Wesley, a 53-year-old black Vietnam veteran. “I can’t say exactly how, but they are going to accomplish that quite naturally. I’m so afraid for my friend Obama. I look at this through the eyes of the ’60s, and I feel there ain’t no way they’re going to let him make it.”

Mr. Wesley refuses to vote early. “I don’t believe the machines work properly in general,” he said, “and they really don’t work properly when they think you’re voting for Obama.”

Mr. Wesley’s wife, Paris, disagrees and thinks the best thing she can do is get to her polling place before Nov. 4. “I want to go early so that if I see and hear anything that’s not in keeping with the rules and regulations, I can make a call,” she said. “As far as faith in the system, I don’t have faith in the system. I just pray we have people in the polls who will be honest and watchful.”
But please folks, don't just pray. Be prepared. Greg Palast, via shirts vs. skins: