12 December 2008

Newsflash: African American Stabbed in Volgograd

From the AP:

An African-American exchange student has been stabbed by unknown assailants in a southern Russian city in an attack officials say may have been racially motivated.

Eighteen-year-old Stanley Robinson, of Providence, Rhode Island, was in grave but stable condition Friday, said the head doctor of Volgograd's Hospital No. 12. Investigators were trying to determine if the Dec. 5 assault on Robinson was a hate crime, said Svetlana Smolyaninova, a spokeswoman for the city police.


The victim's mother and police gave slightly differing accounts of the attack.

Smolyaninova said three men approached Robinson at about 6 p.m. in a dark street far from his host family's home. The assailants stabbed Robinson twice in the chest, she said.

Tina Robinson said her son had just finished working out at a gym and was headed for a bus stop when a single stranger approached and punched him. Robinson punched back, his mother said. The attacker then pulled a knife and stabbed Robinson in the chest and side, she said.
The US embassy has made no comment as of yet.


I am reminded of the meeting I had with an embassy official last year. I asked him what the State Department was doing about the increasing threat to non-white American citizens in Russia. He told me that the human rights situation in Russia was, of course, "complicated" and expressed his concern for my well-being.

"Have you been threatened or attacked?"

"No, not really. Just the usual drunken mumbled racist banter on the Metro and on the streets."

"Oh, well, we really can't do anything until after an attack."

"Somehow I imagine that will provide little solace when I'm bleeding or dead."


sheena said...

woah. that's comforting.

silver said...

So after an attack, what is it exactly that the US Embassy Does?