12 December 2008

Photo Fragments from West Bengal: Howrah's Botanic Garden and a Shot of Matrimonial Undertakings

The famous Great Banyan Tree

The view across the Hoogly

Marriage Moments


MasterGote said...

Looks like Indians are good at trees, too. That's one more similarity...

Buster said...

The weddings, however, are very different. I think the Russians win on this one. It would have been way cooler if my cousin just quickly registered his union at the local ZAGS and we got to then ride around in a limo drinking champagne and taking pictures around Kolkata--Buster drunk next to Indira Gandhi statue, Lizzie B yelling at the Victoria Memorial, old uncles getting down in front of the Kali temple, etc.

By the way, in that photo, it's all just one tree. And with regard to the second photo, Indians are also good at putting their natural treasures right next to their industrial waste.