29 December 2008

Pretty Photo Things: OPP, Part Three

Reading the news can leave one with the impression that the world is an ugly, ugly place. Which is why I keep tabs on a few photography blogs. In truth, sometimes the world they depict isn’t so beautiful either. But it is more visually stimulating.

Verve Photos presents a “new breed of documentary photographers,” mainly globe-trotting younger folks pointing and shooting. The shot above is by Michael Chelbin and was taken in Russia.

Fine Art Photoblog has a self-explanatory name. Every few days they put up a shot available for purchase, like the one below by Cory Redmon. But you can look online gratis.

Oleg Klimov’s Your Life Will Turn Into Photography (previously known as Photography and Life) presents Oleg’s semi-insane vision of Russia. Which, to him, often looks like this:

Anyone else have photography blogs they particularly enjoy? Share in the comments section.

p.s. This NYT article on the family of a Tajik victim of anti-migrant violence is actually quite good. And moving:
The last time Mr. Azizov heard from his son was when Salohiddin called to tell his father that he had sent him money for the Muslim holiday Id al-Adha on the day he was killed.

For his family, his death has disrupted the flow of Tajik tradition, in which the youngest son takes care of his parents in their old age and settles his family in their house.

“We, who raised him, remember every one of his movements, his conversations,” Mr. Azizov said. “I want to sleep where he died. I want to find who did this.”

The Azizov family was still in shock last week, and had only recently received Salohiddin’s body, after days wrangling with the Russian police in Moscow. The brother Salohiddin lived with said he made eight trips to the Tajik Embassy begging for help with the body.

“So many mothers and fathers suffering like me,” Mr. Azizov said, sitting on the floor of his small house with mats and one wood stove.

What was I saying again about reading the news and thinking the world is an ugly place?

(h/t Desi Italiana, who has no link for me to refer people to, yet.)


tc said...

The Year in Pictures

I've been reading this for a few months. It's the blog of James Danziger, who runs a photography gallery in New York called Danziger Projects. I don't always agree with him and sometimes find his commentary annoying, but he brings lots of interesting things to my attention and covers a wide range of material from documentary photography and photojournalism to fashion and art photography.

Happy holidays!