31 December 2008

Russian Things: OPP, Part Four

Frankly speaking, most English-language Russia blogs are full of dichotomous Russophobe vs. Russophile bickering that I can’t stand. The following are four blogs that don’t do this.

Sean’s Russia Blog is probably the most reliably insightful digest and reflection on current events in Russia. If you want to stay up on politics in Russia with minimal effort, this is where I’d direct you.

Chto Delat’ borrows its name from the Chernyshevsky novel (Chto delat’?, or What is to be Done?) made famous by V.I. Lenin. Hence, you should not be surprised by the blogging you’ll find there: radical takes on today's repressive regime. If I had to subtitle the blog, I’d probably go with something like “Politics, Culture, Art and Labor in Russia.”

Russian readers might want to check out Dvizhenie for similar lefty blogging on Russian politics from an anti-authoritarian perspective with a weird attraction to French philosophy and theory (right now there is a Foucault quote in the banner and a translation of an article by Pierre Bourdieu below it).

Notes for Gotes. On art and life in Moscow, past and present. And future. Not really oriented to mass consumption, but all the sweeter for that, I think. MasterGote is the bomb.

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Sean Guillory said...

Thank you, thank you Buster! I also second your choosing of Chto Delat and Dvizhenie. It just goes to show that great minds think alike. :)

Happy New Year!