16 December 2008

Update on Stanley Robinson Case

Two seventeen-year-old skinheads have been arrested in the 5 December attack on Stanley Robinson in Volgograd.

Local police have reconstructed the events leading to the stabbing. According to district attorney Milena Frantsuzova, Robinson was heading home after working out at a boxing gym when he was approached by two young Russians who asked him for cigarettes. Robinson explained that he didn’t smoke and the boys started to laugh at him. The accused neo-nazis claim that they were merely kidding and trying to scare the visiting African American student. But Robinson suddenly threw punch which led one of the racists to pull a knife and stab the black youth. Robinson stumbled to a nearby bus stop to seek aid while the assailants fled the scene.

The arrested skinheads were only caught because a young woman who had broke off from their gang heard about their role in the attack through mutual acquaintances. She went to the police with her information.

The attackers face up to ten years in prison.


Seriously, Russian racists. Cool this stupid violence. It's no fun to report it (even if I feel compelled to do it) and gets in the way of me writing up my visits to Kolkata museums.


Also, I've learned a new journalistic technique. I can tell you that Robinson likes to lift weights and to go for runs; plus he's a great kisser with "very high sex appeal." He listens to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, My Chemical Romance, B.I.G., Eminem, and Against Me. Or so an informed source tells me.


sarah said...

I assume you've seen the Projo's coverage of this? They, of course, also cite Myspace. I'm pretty surprised it hasn't been bigger news locally. I usually glance at the Projo and I hadn't noticed this story before I saw it on your blog.

Buster said...

Yeah, I glanced at Projo, though my MySpace-journalism inspiration was more the use of the site in Spitzer, McCain and Palin coverage.

The surprising thing about Projo coverage is that I was expecting some questionign, criticism or investigation of AFS (Robinson's sponsoring organization) for not making Tina Robinson (Stanley's mother) more aware of the dangers of traveling to Russia. Or criticism of the US State Dept. for not coming forward with a statement. You know, a little sticking up for a local boy. But maybe that's asking a little much...

Jim Sligh said...

I was talking to an Estonian study-abroad student here in Jaén a couple weeks ago who had travelled in Russia for a while with a friend; in between stories about having to bribe militias at checkpoints on the bus, she told me about a city in the hinterland (I can't remember which one - lots of study-abroad students, apparently, but a completely unknown city as far as culture or tourism went - kind of like Jaén, actually) where black people couldn't leave their homes after nightfall, or else they'd get killed. The situation, she said, was improving, though, because at least the murders weren't being classified as self-defense on the part of the skinheads anymore.

I'd known Russia had a race problem before, but I didn't know it was like this.

I came across the blog through Edge of the American West. Enjoying the reading.