15 January 2009

Calling Art Critics, Gender Theorists and Kremlinologists: Interpreting Putin's Painterly Proclivities

[Photo: TASS]

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has picked up the paint brush for the sake of charity, offering a visual interpretation of Gogol's Night Before Christmas in pastels. The work will be auctioned to benefit the Tsarskoe Selo cultural fund.

But some folks doubt that such a manly hand could have produced such delicate work:
"A leader who demands that the world play by our rules could hardly have painted such a picture," said one painter, who asked to remain anonymous for his own security. "It looks as if it was painted by a sentimental woman. It is too sweet; you can feel it in the brushwork and the palette. The core theme is feminine too."

The charge was denied by exhibition organizers.
I smell an interdisciplinary CFP in the offing.



Renegade Eye said...

Blogrolling was recently hacked, but will be fixed. When it is fixed, I'll return the favor and link to your blog.

Putin didn't paint it. I did.

MasterGote said...

If you inspect the signature at the top of the canvas and compare it to other examples, such as here: http://tinyurl.com/a5k7yt you will see that this is clearly a forgery. Connoisseurship, my dead Dr. Watson. Also, his guilty grin tells it all.

Buster said...

MG, But if the signatory takes responsibility for the forged signature, is it still a forgery?

That said, I'm amazed by how bad that painting is. I actually would expect VVP to have them whip up a masterpiece for him that he could boldly claim as his own. Such understatement is a curious change of pace. What does it foretell of Russia's future?

Anonymous said...

What the funny idiots are so many Western ppl.


kg said...


Anonymous said...

Those of you who speak Russian will enjoy the wonderful satyrical poem by D. Bykov devoted to this act of Kremlin's creativity:


kg said...

Artem, thank you, it's brilliant! В стране и так уже сплошной Дали... Insert smiley face here.

Buster said...

Insert smiley face here.

Your adherence to the rules is praiseworthy and duly noted.

kg said...
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Buster said...

RE: above

We ain't playing with that emoticon ban!