20 January 2009

New Racial Studies Blog Launches Today

From NRS:

Starting today, www.newracialstudies.com is your homepage for the latest news relating to race and the study of race. Every day, we’ll provide new links to the latest news, research, and thought around the continuing significance of race.

As CNRS director Howard Winant puts it:

To address these and related issues, to share research, to observe, polemicize, and theorize; to drop some new science, y’all… these are the purposes of the New Racial Studies blog. We invite your submissions. Thanks for being here!

So, we’re excited about our first week. We have a great lineup of fascinating articles, appropriately related to the candidacy and election of Barack Obama, our theme this week in our Inaugural Edition.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

[offtopic] At least if you see a headline in a Russian newspaper "Russia will be cleared of western swines" you may be sure it really deals with problems of animal husbandry..