07 January 2009

What Happened While I Wasn't at AHA

I had a decision to make: (A) stay in a northern cabin with four good friends or (B) go to AHA (for non-academics, that's the annual conference of the American Historical Association). Friendly peer pressure pushed me to option A.

But thanks to to YouTube, it looks like I don't even need to go to conferences anymore! Here is the Historians Against the War panel on the Bush-Cheney administration:

Alice Kessler-Harris

Vijay Prashad

Barbara Weinstein

Ellen Schrecker

David Montgomery

The stand taken by the Association on Prop 8 and gay marriage is also heartening. Along with the previously-reported push for an equitable economic recovery plan, all this makes me think that historians aren't such a bad crowd to be mixed up with.

Speaking of which, I should get back to my historical work. I just found some amazing stuff at NYPL yesterday that is completely irrelevant to my dissertation, but great material for a future book. No details, but let's just say it involves a majestic, literally unbelievable 400-page memoir that meanders from a love story on a Latin American plantation to a political radicalization in a basement speak-easy in Syracuse, then on to the life of a radical sailor in the 1930s and eventually to Hollywood in the 1960s. While I was reading, my eyes glazed over with tears of laughter and joy. And also a little pain, cause the author's prose style was plain awful.

But before I ever return to that piece, I must finish my doctoral hoop-jumping feat. Back to the pits!


Anonymous said...

Blackie Myers? I know he wound up in Marin but hadn't heard of a Hollywood phase.

Buster said...

Nope. It's a secret. (In other words, check your email for details, I'm not going public with this, yet.)