03 February 2009

Cam'ron's Social Realism Takes on the Economic Crisis

Watch out, Millet. Social realism gets a makeover from Cam'ron.



kg said...

1) MoMA link seems to be dead. :(
2) Courbet and Daumier would have felt much more threatened. So would Fougeron, but that's neither here nor there.
3) American social realism never really disappeared, so it's been made over and over for decades now.
4) This is no "Trapped in the Closet." But moving nonetheless.

Buster said...

1. MoMA link works for me. I think the Slovenian guvment might be blocking your access.

2. Duly noted...

3. So you are in agreement with my analysis of Cam'ron's reinvention of social realism. I appreciate the support.

4. Really, what gets me is the low quality of the video; it's as if he really doesn't have the means to do any better. That fusion of form and content... it's breathtaking.