24 February 2009

Fashion, Masculinity and Anti-Imperialist Protest

G8 Summit Protester
(Genoa, July 2001)

[Photo: Paul Mattsson. Via.]

League Against Imperialism Congress Delegates
(Brussels, February 1927)
[Photos: Modern Review (Calcutta), May 1927]
[Clockwise from upper-left: Lamine Senghor, Virendranath
Chattopadhyaya, Lu Tsung Lin, Jawaharlal Nehru]


kg said...

I can't wait for the days of the three-piece suit as acceptable anti-imperialist garb to return. They are just so goddamn sexy!!! I think you should give all your peeps a special sartorial shout-out whenever possible.

MasterGote said...

Nice hats.

Buster said...

Indeed, Gote. What to make of those hats?