27 February 2009

Russian Rap Friday: Ondar Reps the Far East and the Legacy of Yul Brynner

The graffiti reads: "I've conquered the world!" True enough.

I especially appreciate Ondar's class act of tipping his hat to the last Siberian of Mongolian extraction to take over the (entertainment) world.

[Best part at 4.45-6.10: discussion of "earning" a Cossack scalp lock; then Yul fights Tony Curtis.]

[Like all good Russian men, Yul evinces passionate feelings for music, horses, women, freedom, and his homeland.]

[This one is for Lizzie B: "KNIFE FIGHT!"]


kg said...

Is there a rap hall of fame? Or hilariously bad music video hall of fame? In either case, I say of Ondar, "Тува ему дорога." :)

Vasya Pupkin said...

I think this is one of the absolute best blogs about Russia. Well done!

One question though. Why is it called Moscow trough brown eyes?
I guess the name is supposed to signify that you have a different perspective or some kind of “otherness”. But since most Russians have brown eyes that's actually how most Muscovites see their city.
Did you name your blog before you went to Moscow unaware of this fact?

Ah, maybe it’s a reference not to real “brown eyes” but to the exotic “chernie glaza”. But then it should have been Moscow though black eyes shouldn't it?

Anyway, please give a good explanation or change the name (it’s been driving me crazy!) or just ignore this post.

Keep up the good work!

Buster said...

The blog's title--probably in need of a change since I'm also no longer in Moscow, nor did I ever blog exclusively about things Muscovian--is a reference to a memoir by Prafulla Mohanti about his life in England as an Indian abroad, Through Brown Eyes. (In retrospect, it's not an altogether remarkable piece of literature, but it was a notable forerunner to the explosion of anglophone ethnic fiction that blew up in the 1990s.)

I do have a rather unfortunate predilection for the obscure reference. I am sorry that it has been torturing you.

And thanks for your kind words.

lizzie b said...

At first, this morning, I laughed this guy off, but then, at the end of the day, I just really wanted to hear him again. Now I'm listening on repeat. I also don't think I will get sick of his cheerful, non-aerobic dance demeanor. In the non-aerobicness, though not the cheerfulness, he reminds me of these guys, whom Buster and I caught in performance last fall. You just don't see large men calmly dancing often enough. (Outside of our apartment, of course.)

Vasya Pupkin said...

Thank you for the explanation.

All the best