31 March 2009

Al Jazeera's People and Power Presents Black Russian

It's a little too sensationalistic for my taste and I could nitpick a number of points, but I AM ON BLOG BREAK.

(h/t to anonymous)


daut said...

Thanks, I posted it at debunking white on Livejournal.

Dani said...

I had nooo idea that the situation had gotten that bad. All I kept thinking was could someone please help send those poor guys back to Nigeria? What a terrible situation to be in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, and I agree with you about the sensationalizing. (Ooh, open-mouth kissing! Let's go to the replay, Jim.)

I'm glad those rappers are getting paid, but I fear for their future. Black high-schoolers in our neighborhood sometimes defy three lanes of speeding cars to cross Portola Avenue, in familiar teenage-guy daredevil fashion; whenever I see them I think "Who on earth taught you to put your life in the hands of anonymous white people?"

Anonymous said...

Buster, thank you for the video.

The problem of black people does actually exist.

My view is that due to low number of black people in Russia, the society under-reacts to their problems. Their problems mostly go unnoticed, despite a number of publications in Russian press about Russian black people.

There's no chance this video could be broadcast in Russia. A number of racist statements made in it would guarantee lengthy prison terms for participants of the show.

On the third hand, there's a number of black people who'd grown up in Russia and made successful careers as hosts of TV talk shows (Elena Khanga), as actors (Grigory Siyatvindu).

Buster, why wouldn't you write about Siyatvindu? His story is quite interesting.

E.g., he served in Russian Army. "Unlike what could be expected, Grigory didn't experience dedovshchina, in the barracks he caused curiousity, and his biography: black person from the Siberia -- caused delight."

Show business:

There are prominent black Russian bloggers, like

Just an idea, why wouldn't you interview one of black Russian bloggers, for example? Black people who'd grown up in Russia are culturally Russian. Perhaps you'd be interested to look at the problem of racism from black Russians point of view.


Anonymous said...

"I had nooo idea that the situation had gotten that bad."

Add some light to the Moscow metro stations -- the way they actually are: bright and beautiful -- and you'll see that the way they are shown is a cheap trick to make them looking like a piece of horror.


nadia said...

I saw that a while back. I'd be really curious to hear your take on it, unless there isn't alot more to say than that it's sensationalistic.
Incidentally 'slant' is what I had to type in for word verification.