04 March 2009

Harper's Index on Russia: Once Abundant Cinemas and the Magic Number 37

The famous Harper's Index is now available and searchable online.

Here's some selected Russia facts from the past few decades, indicative both of trends in Russia and of American interest in Russia:

Movie theaters in the United States: 16,901
In the Soviet Union: 144,100

Price of a Jane Fonda workout videocassette on the black market in Moscow: $370

Students in the United States who are studying Russian: 25,000
Students in the Soviet Union who are studying English: 4,000,000

Number of Russians who subscribe to the New York Times: 7

Number of Jews who arrived in Israel from the Soviet Union last year: 145,000
Number of Palestinians who arrived in Jordan from Kuwait last year: 250,000

Number of members of the Cossacks, a Moscow motorcycle gang: 8
Number of motorcycles they own: 1

Number of animals a Moscow circus left on a Japanese dock in 1992 to make room on its ship for newly bought cars: 93

Chances that a Russian favors independence for Chechnya: 3 in 4
Years it took Russia to win its armed conflict with the Chechens during the last century: 47

Number of Russians electrocuted last year while trying to steal power lines and cable: 544

Minimum number of physical assaults made on Russian journalists in 2000: 60

Percentage of non-jury trials in Russia that end in conviction: 99

Average percentage of Americans who approved of the job Bush was doing during his second term: 37
Percentage of Russians today who approve of the direction their country took under Stalin: 37


Anonymous said...

How is that possible that 37% of Americans approved Bush?